I would like to offer you a series of caches placed at popular bicycle route Turčianska, they are easily accessible without postpone bicykle more than two to three meters from the hideout.

Yes, of course, this can be jockey with geocar, nothing to prevent you from doing /only a few concrete roadblock after landslides and a few sections where it can fit only with „Hadraplán“ and sections where is no entry/, but you lose a great cycling experience and will not miss you to display on certificate at the end of the listing:)

Almost 100 kilometres on your bike you can easily dokument by cameras on photos with your car at least at every 10 hideout / You can publish your photos in the one place/hideout, for example. at the start / :)

To bikeroute I devoted a separate page that directs you to click on her preview – only in Slovak language !

You will find a complete alignment, elevation profile across the line, a description of the caches, waypoints staging points, accommodation in the area, some photos and download zone / caches GPX, the GPX routes, list of caches where are marked the D/T etc. /

Already in this basic listing, you must notice, that the series will be regularly check and "logs" in the form of pre-printed papers, as I was witnessed on series of FCPT in neighbors, it will be rigorously destroyed and deleted on Geocaching.com !